Rail Facilities Portal training webinar 2023


All 3 Training Webinars will be held Online via MS Teams in English language and will be recorded.

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The RFP is a common European web portal providing quick access to information on all kinds of rail facilities, in particular rail freight facilities, for the planning of rail services.

Join us for informative and engaging RFP Training Webinars hosted by RailNetEurope.
Here’s a overview of the 3 Training Webinars:

  • 1st Training Webinar:

Introduction to RFP and minimum data requirements for terminals

  • 2nd Training Webinar:

Terminal data upload to RFP

  • 3rd Training Webinar:

Terminal data maintenance in RFP

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the RFP. The goal of the webinars is that you can manage your terminal data entries autonomously and make full advantage of RFP as promotional platform.
Join us for several days of informative webinars and interactive discussions at the RNE-hosted RFP Training Webinars 2023.




The Rail Facilities Portal is the successor of the well-known “Railfreightlocations” portal, initiated and authorised by the European Commission.

The Rail Facilities Portal provides quick access to information on all kinds of rail facilities, in particular rail freight facilities, e.g. for the planning of rail services.

Moreover, the Rail Facilities Portal helps service facilities operators to comply with their obligations resulting from Directives (EU) 2012/34/EU and (EU) 2177/2017.

The Rail Facilities Portal opens new opportunities for all kind of operating facilities to publish their information for marketing purposes.

Click here to access the Rail Facilities Portal.

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