Our MoUs

UIRR signed Memorandum of Understanding with the following Associations



APS  The Allianz pro Schiene (“Pro Rail Alliance”) is Germany’s most extraordinary transport association. It unites 24 non-profit organizations and more than 150 railway sector companies, which collaboratively aim at the promotion and improvement of rail traffic in Germany. The main objective of increased rail traffic also promotes climate protection, thus German tax authorities classify us as a non-commercial entity. Learn more about our structure and aims.



ASSOFERR Like all the best stories, it starts with: the year was running ... Ours was 2000 when the then Presidents of ASSOCARRI, Giovanni Gazzola and SUNFER, Franco Di Girolamo decided to start a process of integration and merger between the two Associations to create a single entity that brings a stronger and more decisive representation of the railway wagon keepers and railway operators sector.





ASSOLOGISTICA is the association of logistics companies, general and refrigerated warehouses, port, interport and airport terminal operators. Assologistica represents over 250 member companies operating in Italy: with 70,000 direct and indirect employees, with 22 million square meters of indoor areas, with 4.5 million cubic meters of cold storage and 60 million square meters in maritime terminals and inland terminal. With the establishment of its territorial representatives and with the meeting between the managers of the logistics infrastructures and the subcontractors who use them, Assologistica guarantees a 360 ° logistic integration.



BIC Publisher of the BIC Code Register since 1970, the BIC was appointed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1972 as the industry’s global container prefix registry, a role further endorsed by international customs conventions, and currently has over 2600 container-operating members in more than 125 countries.
The Bureau International des Containers was founded in 1933 as a neutral, non-profit, international organization whose mission is to promote the safe, secure and sustainable expansion of containerization and intermodal transportation.



CCE-HGK the Croatian Chamber of Economy, or CCE, which acts on behalf of CCE’s Affiliation for Intermodal Transport and Logistics, Group for cargo intermodal, initiating and fostering cooperation between carriers of all combined transport and logistics activities to promote and successfully develop. Starting from social and economic interests, it proposes to the state authorities to adopt incentive measures and regulations in order to successfully develop combined transport and logistics in Croatia. Considers issues and proposes solutions in the field of operational functioning of combined transport, tariff issues, legal regulators, methodologies for showing costs in the field of transport, etc. Cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, cooperation with national and international organisations aimed at improving combined transport and logistics.



CCTT is an international transport association with 96 members aiming to attract transit and foreign trade cargo on Trans-Eurasian routes through the territory of Russia, including on the ITC East-West, North-South, and to coordinate activities of participants in the carriage of goods by land and sea sections of Trans-Eurasian routes.



CLUB FEROVIAR is the most effective communication tool of the railway business environment in Romania, tailored for the specific needs of railway professionals and investors in order to provide them with the latest news and information on the market. The emphasis is put on the national and international railway commercial sector.




COMBINET is organised as a association founded in 2007 by various entrepreneurs from all areas of combined transport (hauliers, forwarders, CT operators, terminals, ports, railway companies, makers of handling devices and equipment, etc.).

CombiNet was born out of need to implement stronger initiatives for combined transport in in practice. The fundamental idea of creating a network for the benefit of combined transport is based on the long-standing work of former Verkehrsplanung Käfer GmbH, now TRAFFIX Verkehrsplanung GmbH in the sector. With ITCnet – Trading & Consulting GmbH an additional partner was taken on board to implement this idea which was ultimately supported by the BMVIT (start-up financing).




ECTA speaks for the chemical transport industry to all its stakeholders. In addition it organizes the Responsible Care initiative for the European land transport industry.
ECTA gathers European Land Transport Companies with the aim to improve the standards of efficiency, safety and quality as well as the environmental and social impact of the transport and logistics of chemical goods in Europe.



FERMERCI is a system association, intends to represent at an institutional level the interests of all the players in the railway logistics sector: railway companies, railway terminals, multimodal operators, last mile railway operators, builders and owners of railway vehicles, training centers of the personnel in the railway sector. Fermerci is the Association that represents operators in rail freight transport in Italy.



GNTC Created in 1945, the Groupement National des Transports Combinés is the professional organization representing the entire combined transport sector in France. Bringing together operators and carriers of combined Rail-Road or River-Road, as well as managers of platforms, ports, lessors or manufacturers, the GNTC participates in the promotion, enhancement and defense of the interests of intermodality for transport merchandise. On the strength of its values, the GNTC supports a sustainable, ecological and citizen mode of freight transport.




GROUPEMENT FER The members of the Groupement Fer association are transport and logistics companies based in Switzerland. Their aim is to ensure the transport of containers within Switzerland and between Switzerland and the ports of the North Sea and the Mediterranean using environmentally friendly rail transport.  Groupement Fer represents the interests of its member companies with selected operators, the "GF operators", and railway undertakings (RU). The aggregation of member company volumes allows GF operators to offer high quality, regular and reliable shuttle services on their routes at market conditions.



HHM The Port of Hamburg is Germany's largest universal port. In order to further strengthen its market position in international competition, Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) is active worldwide together with its members. Founded in 1985, the association has been working with great success for the port and logistics region of Hamburg for over 30 years.




IANA is the only organization that represents the combined interests of the intermodal freight transportation industry. Its mission is to promote the growth of efficient intermodal freight transportation through innovation, education and dialogue.




IBS was founded in 1996 as the European Association of Rail Forwarders. The association is registered as an association at the association court in Berlin-Charlottenburg and works on the basis of a statute . The offices are located in Berlin (main office) and Brussels. The association is managed by a board of directors consisting of the chairman and 4 members who are responsible for essential specialist departments.



IGTL The Land Transport Economic Chamber is an organization of economic self-government operating since 1995 under the Act on Chambers of Commerce. brings together over seventy enterprises from all over the country related to the railway industry. Its aim is to protect the interests of member companies and to actively cooperate with national and European institutions in the field of regulations concerning rail transport and investments.



KNV is the umbrella organization for professional passenger transport. KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi and Bus Transport Netherlands are part of Royal Dutch Transport. KNV represents both the collective and individual interests of its members. As a trade association, KNV is continuously involved in public and private consultation structures. Thanks to this continuous active participation, KNV is able to effectively represent the interests of its sectors and makes an important substantive contribution to mobility issues at both national and international level.




LIMOWA brings new dimensions to the cooperation of companies working in logistics. Together, we increase the competitiveness of our member companies.  LIMOWA prepares and launches logistics-related development projects with member companies. The projects can be related to internationalization, productization or know-how, and companies other than LIMOWA's members can also participate in the projects.






Since 2002 MLSZKSZ has been a significant association of logistic and transport in Hungary and it comprises about 90 % of the Hungarian logistic service centres. MLSZKSZ is unique, as it is the only association that covers the complete service chain; the other organisations deal only with certain areas of logistics. At present MLSZKSZ has 80 member organisations and – based on the revenues of 2017 – the national economy strength represented by us exceeds 450 billion HUF.




Die Güterbahnen (NEE) The aim of the GÜTERBAHNEN is to transport more goods by rail and thus make their contribution to meeting the climate protection goals in freight transport.   Our members include almost 100 private, regional and international companies related to rail freight transport. With passion and innovative strength, they work every day on and off the rails to convince customers of the need to shift to the climate-friendly freight railway. The network of European railways (NEE) e. v.



Rail Freight Group (RFG) is the representative body for rail freight in the UK. Our members include rail freight operators, logistics companies, ports, equipment suppliers, property developers and support services, as well as retailers, construction companies and other customers. Our aim is to increase the volume of goods moved by rail.





SGKV is operating for 80 years as a non-profit membership association to bring together the relevant actors of the Combined Transport sector. With numerous members from science and practice, the SGKV forms a neutral communication and knowledge platform for all those who use, research and develop Combined Transport.




SHIFT2030 Our work is focused on ACTION(S), meaning we demonstrate innovations and solutions how rail freight can become more competitive. shift2030 also points out current hurdles and restrictions that need to be overcome in order to shift more freight from road to rail.




UIC is the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport. Several working groups address technical, standardisation, operational, Combined Transport and corridor topics. There has historically been a collaboration between UIC and UIRR, which gained a new impetus by the signing of a formal Memorandum of Understanding between the two associations.




UOTC The Union of Comodal Transportation Operators was created in 2001 as the Intermodal and Multimodal Division of ASTIC, bringing together the Comodal Transport, Intermodality and Multimodality of ASTIC. UOTC is specialized in "International Transport of Containers, Roll-on / Roll-off and others of a special and Intermodal nature or that are carried out under new technologies.


USER is a professional organization founded in 1993 that brings together companies with activities covering all modes of transport and related services, including logistics operators and customs brokers. The aims are to safeguard the economic, financial and technical aspects of their member companies to promote cooperation between its members, building and strengthening the solid reputation of industry shipments.